Master Muralist & Grand Scale Painter, Kent Twitchell Adding Detail To His Portrait of President John F. Kennedy on the Berlin Wall Monument Located on the Lawn of 5900 Wilshire - March 3rd. Photo Credit: Sheryl Turner

MCWCC Communications & Outreach Committee

The Communications & Outreach Committee promotes the MCWCC, keeps stakeholders informed and involved, and oversees all MCW communications, including newsletters, website, and social media. It strives to involve the diverse members of our community in the Council and its activities. In 2013, the Communications & Outreach Committee will focus on Traditional Media and Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter). 

The C&O Committee typically meets the first Thursday of each month at 6:30pm at the MCW office: 543 N. Fairfax Ave, Suite 106.
Check the MCW Calendar for details.

If you have any information you'd like posted to our newsletter, Facebook, and/or Twitter, please let us know.  General questions/comments/suggestions are also encouraged and appreciated.

Please email
*Please be advised, we will only post what falls under our posting rules and regulations.

2013 Communications & Outreach Committee

Board Members:
Marc Sinnott, Chair (
Jeff Feldman
David Mann
Brandy McKay
Josh Paget
Marc Sigal
Don Whitehead
David Wood

Stakeholder members:
Mehmet Berker

For information on Communications and Outreach meetings please email

Note:  Committee member assignments are subject to change.