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Planning and Land Use Committee Meeting - September 16, 2014

Location: NCJW NCJW Auditorium 543 N. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Special PLUC Committee Meeting Scheduled for March 11, 2014. Please note that this is a special PLUC meeting held in lieu of our regularly scheduled meeting on February 18. That meeting was cancelled due to closure of our meeting venue at the last moment. A single item will be reviewed in this meeting. Action may be taken at this PLUC meeting on this item. If so, Action may also be taken at the MCWCC Board meeting immediately following.
Item 1. (5 Minutes) 
Call to Order and Roll Call 

Item 2. (60 Minutes) 
332-336 N Oakhurst (New Condominium); VTT-70499-CN 
Request: Approval of a vesting tract map for a new 31 unit condominium project. 
Project Description: Proposed construction, use and maintenance of a new 31 unit, approximately 45-59’ high, 4-5 
story condominium building, including 70 parking spaces and 12 guest spaces in two subterranean parking levels. 
Rear approx.. 107 of site in Los Angeles, and front approx. 43 feet in Beverly Hills. Three existing structures to be 
removed. 5185sf of open space will be provided. Request for administrative approval of 10% increase in FAR. 

Action may be taken 

Item 3. 


**************END MARCH 11, 2014 Special PLUC Meeting**********************

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