Pan Pacific Park & Recreation Center, one of MCW's beautiful public spaces!

MCWCC Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee serves as a liaison among law enforcement agencies, community groups, and other stakeholders to facilitate the creation of a safe and secure environment within the MCW boundaries through crime abatement projects, prevention, and educational efforts.

2014-16 Public Safety Committee

Board Members:

Steven Rosenthal, Chair (

Abraham Gelbart

Angela Guzman

Michael Hilty

Stefani Poretz

Stakeholder Members:

Ashley Rosen

Note:  Committee member assignments are subject to change.


This is the graduation for the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) class organized by the Mid City West Community Council Pubic Safety Committee in March and April, 2011..  46 volunteer stakeholders completed the seven-week class which is taught by an instructor (center-front) from the Los Angeles Fire Department.


Photo by Tara Brown

LAPD and Senior Lead Officer Information