Master Muralist & Grand Scale Painter, Kent Twitchell Adding Detail To His Portrait of President John F. Kennedy on the Berlin Wall Monument Located on the Lawn of 5900 Wilshire - March 3rd. Photo Credit: Sheryl Turner

MCWCC Transportation, Parking and Streetscape Committee

The Transportation, Parking and Streetscape Committee is an advocate for our neighborhood and our stakeholders on transportation issues with the City of Los Angeles and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro).  These issues include traffic congestion; parking programs for businesses and residents; improving alternative modes, including transit, bicycling, and walking; and senior transportation programs.  We also address issues regarding our streetscape, including billboards, sidewalks, street furniture, graffiti and beautification projects.

2014-16 Transportation, Parking and Streetscape Committee

Board Members: 

Taylor Nichols, Co-Chair (
Josh Paget, Co-Chair (
Ravi Bhatia
Scott Epstein
Andy Meselson
Daniel Tellalian
Angelo Vacco

Stakeholder Members:
Jason Reade

Note:  Committee member assignments are subject to change.

Mid City West Bicycle Friendly Street Proposal

The MCWCC Transportation, Parking and Streetscape Committee has created a proposal which outlines specific recommendations for the implementation of two bicycle friendly street corridors through the Mid City West neighborhood.

Click here to view the full proposal document as a PDF.

View MCWCC BFS Plan November 2013 in a larger map